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My 3 favorite Healing Books

Jackie's Favorite Healing Books

Recently,  I was asked to share books that changed my life. I looked through all of the books in my living room, bedroom, and the bathroom. Yes, I read books in the bath tub! ?

I came up with three books that made such an impression on me that they transformed me forever.

It was a paradigm shift.?

  • Healing Ancient Wounds, by John F. Barnes, PT
  • A Mind of Your Own, by Dr. Kelly Brogan
  • Mind Over Medicine, by Dr. Lissa Rankin

These books ( listed above) have also transformed my patients and taken them into a deeper level of healing.

In the last couple of days we have entered the season of Autumn. You may be experiencing more emotion, more pain, and more struggle. These books will help you go deeper into your level of awareness of how you can heal your self.

With love and health,


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*If you have a favorite book about natural healing, please share below.*

Jackie Castro-Cooper, MPT

I hold a Masters in Physical Therapy and specialize in John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release. My passion is helping patients discover their own path to healing through integrative and holistic therapies.