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MFR Info

Welcome to Gulf Coast Myofascial Release!

As a Physical Therapist I am blessed with the opportunity to service my patients in ways that can enhance their quality of life.

One of the ways I treat is by using the John F. Barnes method of myofascial release (JFBMFR). JFBMFR has enabled my patients to heal, increase their range of motion, and relieve their pain. It has also empowered them to treat themselves and fully participate in their own personal healing journey as they begin to participate again in the things they love to do.

My patients are not only given MFR treatments, but also taught home exercises, stretching techniques, balance training, breathing and relaxation techniques, introduced to yoga, and more. All suited to their specific needs and interests.

MFR is a profound manual technique that achieves remarkable results. I am grateful to John F. Barnes PT, for creating this wonderful approach for all to benefit from. To Scott van Niekerk, PT, a wonderful teacher and mentor, and to my great professors at the University of South Alabama Master’s Program who believed in me.

What is Myofascial Release?

Learn more about Myofascial Release therapy and the fascinating system of fascia that connects us from head to toe.

Is Myofascial Release Right for Me?

Find out if you are a good candidate for Myofascial release therapy. MFR has been shown to help many conditions including chronic pain.