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Oh My, where to start… I have so much to say! My life for many years consisted of lots and lots of work mixed with wonderful times and memories, but all this was tempered with increasing debilitating pain. Pain 24hrs a day, trying not to cry, but living by the Motto, “When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Get Going”. I began to see an Orthopedist shortly after, but got very little results. He then recommended me to an MFR Therapist and I only put if off because I was seeing a massage therapist. She was helping me at the time which became temporary relief even though she specialized in people with intense pain issues. We had moved to Biloxi and discovered Jackie. I have gained so much back, and have very few intensely bad times now and even those are not the same as before. I have a lot of pain free time now through Jackie’s gentle guidance. She has brought me to a comfort zone I thought was gone forever and she has given me the tools to help myself. This treatment is incredible and that is why I call Jackie “My Gift From God”.