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I originally began seeing Jackie for treatment of tailbone pain related to an injury I sustained in 1998. Ever since then I had been dealing with sacral pain, lower back pain, and headaches on an almost daily basis. As Jackie began treating me the headaches began to subside, and the tailbone pain decreased significantly. I also started to notice my other “problems” getting better as well. I had been dealing with severe elimination difficulty for a while, and my periods had become very painful each month. Jackie’s treatments helped me to eliminate on on a more regular basis and each month my periods became less and less painful. We had many discussions about this and I began to realize how intricately all of these systems are connected. I truly believe that all of my problems stemmed from “restrictions” due to my injury from so long ago. I also would like to mention that my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child, and it had been a few months with no success. Without Jackie’s myofascial release treatments, and internal pelvic work, I would still be in the same pain, seeking other treatments that don’t work. I can’t say for sure, but her treatments may have also helped me conceive our first child! I feel so blessed to not only have had Jackie as my therapist, but also a guiding light in my life.