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Initially I began going to Jackie for Physical therapy for my neck in 2010, seeking help with pain due to displaced discs in my c-spine. After having a lot of success with both my range of movement and the level of pain in this region I decided to venture forth and try internal pelvic floor work. Up until this point I had been having difficulty urinating and painful intercourse due to excessive dryness, following a partial hysterectomy in 2009. After 6-8 months of treatment in this region there has been a significant improvement with both the flow of urine as well as the dryness. Jackie is a very experienced Physical Therapist and has helped me tremendously with both my areas of concern. After about a year and a half of these treatments I am on far less medication than I was and my body feels far more agile than it has in a while. I would recommend myofascial release with Jackie for anyone.