Jackie is one of the first holistic, alternative physical therapists in the US. She attained her Master’s in Physical Therapy from the University of South Alabama. She is a professional speaker, business consultant, and the author of The Power of Self Care/Self Love: A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Evolving Into Your Higher Self.

In 2020 when she could no longer personally treat some of her patients she created an online self-treatment video series. This allowed people to heal their physical, emotional, and spiritual pain in their own homes. It’s Back and Neck Pain Relief: The Surprising Gut and Brain Connection.

Her mission in life is to share information that is not widely known specifically for the alleviation of pain and suffering. Jackie is also the creator of the “Women’s Health Forum” which educates and promotes alternative health care for our communities. She also leads, The Self Care/Self Love Retreats.

Jackie Castro Cooper

Her private practice was born in 2007, Gulf Coast Myofascial Release Physical Therapy. She specializes in John F Barnes MFR and incorporates her other studies to fit the needs of her clients. Jackie supports those seeking to combine both evidence-based research and spiritual healing practices.

Jackie is a long time board member of STEPS Coalition focused on the needs of the underserved. She is a volunteer for CureMSD, a nonprofit that is seeking to eradicate this disease that takes the lives of children before the age of ten. She is also the founder of, The Alliance for the Education of Undocumented Youth that supports DREAMERS.

Jackie has been featured in Gulf Coast Woman Magazine, WLOX, Women’s Success Magazine, and the Dr. Liana Show.

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Jackie’s Story

I lived with pain during and after my professional career as a ballerina and musical theater performer in New York City and after the birth of my first child. I know what it’s like to be incapacitated with pain and have your life put on hold. My healing journey took a long time and I don’t want it to be a long journey for you. The techniques that I use in my online self-treatment series and my virtual treatments are what I have learned over the past 16 years. The elimination of pain and suffering is my mission.

I now provide personal live virtual treatment sessions so you have the tools you need to heal.

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