WHY HAVE A SHOP for the Self-Care/Self-Love Movement?

“The words that we speak create energy, but the words that we see and hold in our hands are even more powerful!

The cup we drink from, the shirt we wear, the water bottle we drink from, the bag we carry, and even the pillow on our bed are even more powerful because they’re tangible!

When I wrote the book and journal workbook, the titles were chosen specifically to connect you the reader to a loving high vibrational frequency that is already all around you and within you!

The Power of Self-Care/Self-Love 

Honestly, when I first held the cup in my hand I immediately wanted to do something loving and healthy for myself. I even carried it with me to meetings and to work. It just makes me happy to see the reminder in front of me, especially on my bed!

Go ahead and order something from my shop and see for yourself!

Let me know if it changed you as well! ?

?Speaking of change, here’s the newest bestseller, The Power of Self Care/Self Love Journal Workbook ???

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