Years ago, I was in a lot of back pain. Physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, massage, etc…helped a little, but the pain just kept coming back. 


I didn’t know it then, but my life had become so consumed with caring for others as a physical therapist, a mom raising three children, a wife, a youth minister, and social activist that I was creating what I now know is, “The Madness of my life”. 


Over-the-counter pain meds helped me sleep without pain at night but, I knew they weren’t curing me, just masking the pain. I felt disconnected from my body, mind, and spirit.


So, I took a course that changed my life forever. My first John F Barnes Myofascial Release class in Houston, Texas. After three days of getting treated and diving into my emotions, my pain went away.


There was a paradigm shift.


This shift was not just from the physical pain, but also from the emotional and spiritual pain I was carrying.


I decided it was time to enter into a deeper level of healing and take every one of my patients/clients with me. 


Yes, it took physical pain to stop the madness of my overworking, over-caring lifestyle. 

My body was telling me it had enough. It was literally asking me, 


“Why is everyone a priority but me?” 


I listened to my inner wisdom/God and opened my private practice in 2007 and dedicated my life to the decrease of pain and suffering in myself and everyone that came to me and now takes my healing video series and sees me virtually.


What I learned was that physical pain is the alarm that the body sets off when it needs love, compassion, emotional freedom (EFT), and a fascial release. This brought me to write my book that was published last year and to create the self-care/self-love movement. 




I started The Self Care/Self Love Movement in 2019 with speaking engagements, continued this blog and my monthly newsletter, Summits, magazine articles, retreats, my book, zoom interviews, streamyard interviews, podcasts, and any place I could share the truth!


It’s been such a  transformation for so many of my readers and listeners that God has asked me this year to create a journal that would take people into self-care and self-love every day! 



I’m sooooo excited to announce that The Self Care/Self Love Journal will be COMING SOON to Amazon! 


If you haven’t read my book, The Power of Self Care/Self Love: A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Evolving Into Your Higher Self, No Worries! This Journal stands on its own. BUT, if you want to read my book first it will definitely catapult you even more ?.


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With love and health,


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