You Have the Ability to Heal Yourself!

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Learn Techniques from an Alternative, Holistic Physical Therapist with 16 years of experience!


Heal Your Pain at Home With my Self-Treatment Video Series.

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Discover the Power of Self Care and Self Love

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Discover the Power of Self Care and Self Love

Look InsideCheck out my Books

Healing, trust in your gut, self-love. Amazing!

Self-healing-what I have aspired to do all my life. This book is a guide, it takes us gently by the hands, and leads us to understand what’s truly important, and that the journey is ours to make, and we are, every one of us, worth it. This is everything. I’m amazed and so grateful to have this book. I will read it again and again, and it’ll be ordered over and over to be given to special friends. Love!! – Ruth

You Are Awesome!

This Book is Great!!! And Written at the Perfect Time!!!

Learn How to Live Pain-Free!

Living in chronic pain, I was in desparate need to find something that relieved my pain without causing other issues.

Jackie is a true healer and has given me some more tools for my tool box to take control of my own healing and life. And for that, I am eternally grateful to her. May God bless you Jackie, Namaste.

Andree Khalaf

I have been suffering from chronic hip and back pain due to scoliosis for many years.

The exercise and movement techniques from watching Jackie’s videos have helped me to move better and have helped release restrictions and tightness in my back and hips. I highly recommend these videos to anyone who wants to feel better physically and mentally.

Shawn Chappelle

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I am committed to helping people relieve their pain, naturally, at home. I have over 25 videos that have helped my patients with back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain plus how to get relief from headaches and other common aches and pain.


These free videos are just a sample of what is available on my healing video series course.

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