One of the simple ways to to be healthier is a GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT, which actually prevents illnesses (same goes for guys’ night out).


When your friend calls you does this sound familiar?

“Hi, do you have time for lunch or dinner next week?”

Your answer, “ Oh I wish I could, but I have sooooooo much work to catch up on, or…my kids need me to go to their soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, tennis (and on and on) practices or I have soooo much cleaning to do.”

Yes this is you… come on, admit it.

You may be saying, “Being a social person sounds wonderful, but who has the time? I have to cook dinner! I have to do laundry! I have to go food shopping, there is nothing in my fridge! I want to watch Netflix! I just want to get some sleep!”

Well, if you want to escape doctor/therapist visits and prevent illnesses…get some buddy time. Studies show that women who are out having fun with other women create Serotonin (feel-good hormone) and Oxytocin (love or cuddle hormone) in the brain. These are hormones found in antidepressants. In the article, The Health Benefits of A Girls Night Out, Ms. Beth Cooney points to, the famed Harvard University Nurses’ Health Study, which has studied women’s health over a period of decades. The study concluded that “not having regular contact with girlfriends was as detrimental to our health as smoking or packing on pounds!”.  Soooooooo If you want to be healthy, prevent diseases, and lose weight, it’s time for a GIRLS NIGHT OUT!

In 2002, a landmark UCLA study also concluded that “Girlfriends are stress-busters for women and have an impact on overall mood. It seems that when we’re around girlfriends, the mood-elevating hormone oxytocin is released, increasing our feelings of euphoria”. If you want to have less stress and less illness and be happier in your life, make the calls and have your Girls’ Night Out this weekend. Because GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! THAT”S ALL WE REALLY WANT!

With love and health,


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