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I remember my grandmother would always say, “Choose your friends carefully because you will become just like them”.

This January I found myself focused on who was in my inner circle in 2020, who sat at my round table?

In other words, who was there to lift me up, support, and keep me healthy. Who helped me keep it together personally, spiritually, with my book, online self treatment video series, and my business.

It was a bit difficult but I came up with five people. In the past I’ve tried this, but only came up with three so don’t worry if your table is small right now.

Whenever I hear of a round table I think of The Knights of the Round Table. The order of knights dedicated to ensuring the peace of Arthur’s kingdom and the mystical quest for the Holy Grail.

In Terms Of Your Health These Are Two Important Questions To Ask Yourself

Who helps you keep the peace and get things done?

Who is your inner circle or sits at your round table?

As you begin to write down names think of these 5 types that should be included:

  1. Cheerleader– Someone who believes in you and sings your praises; not only to you but to everyone.
  2. Accountability Partner– Reminds and helps you to keep your commitments. You remind them of their commitments as well.
  3. Mentor– A person with wisdom and more experience that wants you to succeed. Someone who answers your questions, has already walked the path you are on, and is thriving personally and professionally.
  4. Creative Guru– Someone who thinks outside the box and inspires you with their personal family life and business. They are always inspired by you as well and rarely thinks that your ideas are crazy.
  5. Finance Guru– Someone that watches out for you and reminds you to stay within your parameter of spending. Lives by example and asks questions like, “Are you paying your bills on time? Are you putting money into savings or 401K from each paycheck? Do you really need more than one credit card?

For me personally, each person must be honest, spiritually connected, happy, kind, and smarter than me. Why? Because Grandma said I will become them.

I’m writing about this topic because I could not have survived, accomplished my work, and stayed happy in family and business without my inner circle/round table in 2020.

However, the circle only supports and lifts up. The ultimate person that creates a happy family and gets the job done is you.

This very important person, YOU, must be healthy and happy this year.

The Self Care/Self Love Movement has begun and I invite you to come along!

For a little more guidance on how to care and love yourself here is a an Amazon review of my book that will encourage you to not go at it alone:

I am a hard sell on reading books…but Jackie writes wonderful stories while sharing really easy techniques on decreasing stress and improving your overall health. Love the 4 rooms ideology: PIES. She uses her knowledge, shares life stories, and key people to really make this book a great tool for improving your self-care, along with mental and physical health. I took lots of notes. A good one: Don’t confuse your identity with who you are. You are not your job, someone’s wife, someone’s Mom…you are YOU (that last part was me talking to me). She has a great online course that emphasizes her PT techniques, tapping – it all makes sense now and I can see how that technique would help so many with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, etc. I am excited to share this book with others whom I think it will help tremendously. Kudos Jackie – it is really an awesome book!!-M.N.

To read more reviews of my book, go here. You can order The Power of Self Care/Self  Love here.

The Power of Self Care Self Love

Enjoy the knights you have chosen for your round table!

With love and health,


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