I could hear and feel in her voice that her energy was dropping down into fear.

Last week, my friend cancelled our meeting and said she couldn’t come because her family members’ work buddy tested positive for Covid. This made them decide to quarantine for two weeks to play it safe.

Immediately I responded, “The amount of people, just in our country alone that have healed from Covid is overwhelming! We all need to be talking about that!

So, the work buddy is going to heal, if you all get Covid, you will all heal, and going into quarantine will mean you get lots of baking done!”.

We both laughed, but she knew I was speaking the truth. We have the ability to heal ourselves.

I talk about this in my book, The Power of Self Care/Self Love: A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Evolving Into Your Higher Self on page 2.


Our ability to heal ourselves is astounding! I have created an online course about healing yourself which launches next month. Stay tuned!

For this blog, however, I’ve chosen a wonderful gift for you. I’m sharing Dr. Bruce Lipton’s video that will change your beliefs forever. Watch until the end. Enjoy it and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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May you allow your beliefs to control your biology. Yes, you can heal!

With Love and Health,


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