This past March I realized I was not going to be treating most of my patients for a while and frankly it broke my heart. They were staying safe at home because of Covid 19 but, their pain was getting worse. 

So, God told me to create an online course that would help everyone with back and neck pain! What a great idea however there was one catch. I had no idea how to do an online course! ?

I invested in a course that would train me from March to July and learned how to create it. Then I realized, I’m not technologically capable of putting all the information together from 15 years of treating patients, all the holistic alternative methods I use, AND make it look good.  So I hired someone smarter than me ? to put it all together.

Well, after a total of seven months from March-October, I have finally finished my online healing video course!

It’s everything I envisioned and more! ? 

If you or anyone you know is suffering from back and/or neck pain then get my free self-treatment technique right here!

Your body needs love and attention today! Self-treat and your body, mind, and spirit will be so grateful!

Thank you to each of you that has responded here or given me an Amazon review (These I really appreciate!) for my book, The Power of Self Care Self Love: A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Evolving Into Your Higher Self.

Your responses to these blogs are truly heartwarming and I thank you for sharing with your friends and family so they can also subscribe to my newsletter where you get self-treatment videos just for my subscribers. You’ll also receive a free Morning Stretch video! Click here to learn new ways of healing.

Always remember “You Are Loved and Healing is Infinite!” 

With love and health,


Please let me know what you thought of the self-treatment video down here in the comments.

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