Do you have neck pain? Headaches? You may have text neck.

Without even knowing it, I was creating my own neck pain! I started an Instagram page in 2015 and found myself looking at my phone between patients, at lunchtime, at night, whenever I could.


My body revolted by giving me one of the tightest necks I’ve ever had. I also started to have low back pain and headaches. It wasn’t until I was reading an article with the heading, “Text Neck” that I realized what I was doing to myself. Then I looked around and everyone was doing the same thing!


No matter where I was everyone was walking, sitting, lying in bed, and standing with their heads down looking at their phone and texting!


So How do you prevent text neck, back pain, and even headaches?

I recommend these 4 simple changes:

  1. Every time you grab your phone lift it up to your eyes. Cell phones emit radio-frequency radiation so don’t bring the phone too close to you.
  2. Support your elbows when you raise the phone by placing them on your table, desk, thick pillows, even your steering wheel (when you are parked of course) ?.
  3. Lengthen your spine by tilting your pelvis slightly forward (tailbone goes behind you not under you) then feel like a little angel is pulling you up from the top of your head. This position opens up your chest and diaphragm and allows you to breathe and even feel better.
  4. Drop your shoulders down. The tension from holding your phone up and even the words that you are typing can create stress in the upper trap region and even your whole body.  Kindness in text messages creates less stress in the body.

Try these 4 simple changes and let me know how you feel by replying below.

I am always here to help!

With love and health,


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